More Daily Challenges - Up to July 26th

More Daily Challenges catch-up for you all!!

July 1 - Product/Technique Day - Use Embossing somewhere on your page

July 2 - Card Sketch Day

July 3 - Inspiration Piece for the Day

July 4 - Colour Story Day

July 5 - As it was my sister's birthday this week - do a layout about your relationship with your sister (or sister-in-law). If you don't have either choose another family member

July 6 - One Word Day - Today my (Sue W) DD Laurelle is 42 so the word for today is ... Birthday

July 7 - Sketch Layout Day - A double page sketch for today

July 8 - Product/Technique Day - Dig deep into your stash and find some vellum to use on today's LO. If you honestly don't have any vellum, use anything transparent.

July 9 - Today is Card Day - Make a boy card without using any blue

July 10 - Inspiration Piece Day

July 11 - Colour Challenge - The colours for today are aqua, red and cream

July 12 - Memories Day - The challenge for today is to scrap memories of a special family day

July 13 - Word of the Day - Giggles!

July 14 - Card Sketch Day - Have fun with it! Cant wait to see what you all come up with for this one!

July 15 - Product/Technique Day - I dare you to use some sort of METAL on today's page ... Brads don't count!!!!

July 16 - Card Sketch Day

July 17 - Inspiration Piece ... You may have to think outside the box a bit for this one!

July 18 - Colour Challenge - Today's colours are - black grey and blue

July 19 - Memories Day - today, could you please scrap about your favourite meal as a child.

July 20 - Word of the Day - Today's word is CONTENT. I can see sleeping babies, two people holding hands walking along a beach, a child playing quietly.

July 21 - Your sketch is one by Liz Weber from her "A Page from my Scrapbook Site".

July 22 - Technique/Product - Today's technique is to alter a photo in some way. This can be done digitally before printing ie black & white sepia, add words or by stamping on it, sewing on it, cutting parts of it - you get the idea!

July 23 - Card Sketch Day - This one is from 2Sketches4you

July 24 - Inspiration Piece - Be inspired by the colours of these goodies on sale by the roadway in Peru ...

July 25 - Colour Challenge Day - Today's colours are red, pink, grey and white.

July 26 - Memories Day - Probably not the best memory - but one that should be scrapped. Do a page about any injury, or illness you or a loved one have suffered.

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Daily Challenges to the end of June

Well it's been a while since I updated the old blog girls sorry :-) I got hit with a case of the flu a few weeks back and everything just fell by the wayside but I am back now and will catch up with the Daily Challenges up to today, for you all in a couple of posts now

The Daily Challenges are just a little bit of fun that the Inspiration Team members challenge us with every day to help us get more pages done each week,

Why not give them a go yourself and when you complete them, feel free to upload them into our Daily Challenges Section of the Gallery!!

Link to the June Daily Challenges Section of the Gallery

June 22 - Today's word is Rain

June 23 - Page Sketch Day

June 24 - Product/Technique Day - Use paint on your layout today

June 25 - Cards Sketch Day ...

June 26 - Inspiration Piece ...

June 27 - Colour Story Day ...

June 28 - Today the challenge is to scrap that means Happiness - that makes you smile.

June 29 - Today's word is Laughter

June 30 - Page Sketch Day -
A 11' by 8.5" layout for you to try.

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