May 2010 Monthly Challenges

Here are the challenges for May 2010 ...

1. Complete a LO about your Mother, Grandmother, Sister or Best friend. It is Mothers Day this month and it's there is no better time to scrap a page about the good times with those special to us. Include something floral - paper, ribbon, flowers, die cuts, etc.

2. Complete a LO with a neutral background (kraft, cream, white, grey or black) and use bright colours to make your page pop. Add anything you like as long as it's bright.

3. Complete a LO using a conversation with a family member or friend as the journalling. Try to include photo's that tell the story, but if that's not possible general photo's of the person in the conversation will work just as well.

4. Complete a LO using a title such as 'W is for wonderful', 'B is for Brave', etc. and use a large letter (die cut, sticker etc) for the main letter. Include some hand written journalling and at least two photo's.

5. Complete a LO to reflect on the life you are living now. What's a typical day for you? Are you busy? Do you have lots of time on your hands? What are you doing that you would rather not be? Why do you do what you do? etc.

6. Complete a LO with an Edge. Add some patterned paper with a pinked or scalloped edge.

7. Complete a LO using the title 'Escape' and use colours inspired by nature, e.g. sand and water, grass and trees, red earth and sky etc. and include some texture (hessian, mesh, fabric, leaves, cardboard etc)

8. Complete a LO keeping the focus on one photo. Convert the photo to b&w and layer your journalling and embellishments near the photo to draw attention to it.

9. Complete a LO about your teenage years. Were you wild & wacky, or quiet and reserved? Who were your best friends? Where were your favourite hangouts? How did you spend your time? What music did you listen to? etc.

Members challenge from Debbie

How about using your favourite colours to scrap a LO about what you are hoping for or plan to do on Mothers Day. You never know, if you get it done in time it might give those that matter some ideas :)


Here are the rules in case you have forgotten

What we do is at the start of the month we give a list of 9 challenges that will incorporate a variety of products, themes, techniques etc. You then check them out and select at least 5 of the 9 challenges that you want to try to do in that month - you can elect to do them all. Then as well as these 5 Layouts you also need to complete a layout using each of the three AUSSLE packs for that month and also either a Monthly Snapshot or Member's Challenge.

So you will be doing 9 layouts to complete the monthly challenges consisting of three aussles, 5 monthly challenges and either a monthly snapshot or the members challenge. Please note you can combine your monthly challenges with daily challenges but you can’t for example combine an aussle with a monthly challenge

Now there is a little bit of an incentive to complete the challenges for the month - if all challenges you decide to try are completed within the month you will receive a credit of $10 to spend at The Scrap Heap during the next month.

If you are taking part in the monthly challenges for us to keep track of them, you must share them here on Aussielayouts as an attachment (not just a link to the gallery) and you must include in the subject line of the email the words Challenge Layout and the number that you are completing or the words Members Challenge or Monthly Snapshot. Without these trigger words or having the layout attached it may be missed and not counted towards your challenges. There will also be a section started in the Gallery called Monthly Challenges – May, where you can upload your layouts for this month if you would like.

So who is going to be brave and put your hand up for the challenges this month? All you have to do is send an email to aussielayouts letting us all know which ones you would like to attempt and whether you are going to do the Member's Challenge or the Monthly Snapshot and we will list them in the Database at the Yahoo Group Home page thanks to the lovely Mandy.

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